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Ultra Tech has over 30 years of experience developing Abrasion Resistant (AR) piping solutions across the globe.

Applications include mining, dredging, industrial, pulp/paper, and energy. We are focused on our customer’s needs and creating precision-engineered custom solutions. We save our customers money in numerous ways: from installation and maintenance to increased longevity and safety.

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Transcript: Ultra Tech Overview

Ultra Tech, headquartered in Port Washington, WI USA, has been providing piping solutions for more than 30 years. Since the beginning Ultra Tech has focused on the customers’ needs and specific applications sending our products on five continents in wide variety of applications including mining, dredging, industrial, and oil and gas.

We exist to serve, and therefore, see our customers problems as our problems. At each installation we pride ourselves on saving our customers money in a variety of ways, from installation and maintenance to increased longevity and safety. Each job is fit to purpose, and in many cases, is a mission critical portion of their process.

We like to say we are born from pipe. Today we focus on a wide variety of products including induction-hardened pipe from 2.5” up to 20” diameter, diversion values, and threaded pipe ends, amongst other bespoke solutions. In addition, we also offer some of the toughest hose in the business.

If you have a tough scenario, we would like to know about it. We can built a large assortment of tees, laterals, wyes and bends depending on your application. All our products are 100% visually dimensional inspected. We frequently develop solutions for pneumatic or hydraulic applications. Depending on the solution needed, we can deploy our highly skilled workforce or our robots to ensure you get the best quality and reliability.

The major applications for our products are often in the harshest conditions. Placeswhere quality, durability and reliability matter. You will find our products in many areas of mines including pumping slurry for processing or in tailings lines.

With our threaded pipe option, you will find our products being used in vertical bore holes where they are moving paste backfill to make the mines safe.

We are in a wide variety of mines from copper, silver and gold, nickel, phosphate, bauxite, lithium, and the list goes on.

You’ll often see our pipe and hose being used on dredging vessels around the world. This is a harsh application that wears down the machinery, pipe and hose but essential to keep our ports and rivers safely open for business. Our new line of flexible hose is quickly becoming a favorite in these tough conditions.

Ultra Tech products have been used in a wide variety of industrial applications that move abrasive slurry either pneumatically or hydraulically. Some of these applications include foundries, power plants, glass manufacturing, abrasive plastics and other demanding conditions. In each application, we work with the engineering and maintenance teams to find the best, most affordable solutions to increase your payback timing.

Our top products are useful in the excavation and exploration phases for oil and gas  whether that’s oil sands in the far north or pumping sandy mud slurry from the ocean floor. We know that energy production is one application that requires reliable and durable products.

Ultra Tech providing solutions in the toughest applications around the world. Less down time, saving dollars, increased safety.