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Ultra Tech is excited to share a quick video with our customers showing our induction heat-treating process at work. Ultra Tech’s UT 600 pipe is created through a proprietary combination of induction heating and water quenching. UT 600 is both highly abrasive-resistant on the ID but still ductile enough for field welding and handling.
UT 600 is often the best solution for pipelines transporting abrasive materials. Contact us to learn more about how Ultra Tech can help solve your pipeline challenges.

Video Transcript: 

At Ultra Tech, we are living proof that not all pipes are created equally.

We induction-heat our carbon-steel pipe to a very high, very specific temperature, and then quickly quench the inner surface of the pipe using water. This process alters the molecular structure of the steel! This is how Ultra Tech’s UT600 can last 4-6 times longer than traditional pipes in many abrasive material applications!

Our process creates a hardness profile that is 600 Brinell on the ID, and tapers to 250 Brinell on the outside wall. This means that the pipe can handle abrasive materials passing through it while remaining ductile for field cutting and welding. UT600 is often the best solution for numerous applications where pipes are known to wear out rapidly.

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