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custom pipe BENDS and FITTINGS

Approximately 2,175,000 miles of pipeline exist around the world, transporting fluids and slurry used in mining and energy production. Specialty dredging and industrial applications rely on pipe to move a variety of abrasive materials/slurries safely and efficiently. With so many uses and applications, a one-size-fits-all piping solution isn’t possible. Custom pipe bends, fittings and hardened bends are crucial for supporting every twist and turn that comes with the most mission-critical challenges.


low downtime custom pipe bends

Custom-hardened bends allow pipe to be bent to accommodate a project’s exact specifications for better flow with unlimited angles and radii. Plus, low-downtime, custom pipe bends eliminate countless welds compared to standard elbows, saving you downtime in the field. The best low-downtime custom pipe bends provide a safe and abrasion-resistant solution for unique and challenging piping situations.


bends and fittings tee

Pipe fittings permit the designer to control the flow of material through the piping system in order to redirect it, blend, split, or change its speed. The best fittings and configurations are driven by permissible pressure drop and energy loss, flow rates, flow makeup, and other variables.

Benefits of Choosing Ultra Tech Custom Pipe Bends and fittings

Built for the Job at Hand

Custom hardened bends are built to meet your exact specifications, application needs, delivery schedule, and budget for cutting-edge results.

Wear-Resistant Design

Wear resistant custom pipe bends are built to last using state-of-the-art equipment including automated welders to assure product quality and minimize field installation costs.

Expert Consulting Services

Our expert consulting and engineering services are backed by over 30 years of industry knowledge designing custom solutions for a variety of applications. Our in-house engineers will be able to assist with the most mission-critical designs.

Our Custom Pipe Bends and Fittings

Ultra 600 Induction-hardened bends

Ultra Tech’s custom hardened bends are created using our proprietary induction bending method for bends and fittings of large diameter pipes. This bending and fabrication service includes:

  • Custom hardened bends with pipe and tube diameters from 2.5” (63.5mm) NPS to 26” (660.4mm) OD
  • Any angle up to 180°
  • Minimum centerline radius of 20” (508mm) for 6” (152.4mm) NPS and below 
  • 3D for 8” (203.2mm) NPS and above, with a maximum radius of 180”
  • Complete range of materials: carbon steel, alloys and stainless steel together as well as structural shapes
  • Tangents available at bend ends

ultra 600 FITTINGS

All fittings having pipe diameters of 2.5″ – 26″ (73.0mm – 1016mm) NPS can accommodate our range of connections or end options. Because the fittings are constructed using Ultra 600 pipe, they are surface hardened to provide superior abrasion resistance.

  • Tees, Laterals, and Wyes: These fittings allow you to split or blend flow streams.
  • Reducers: Reducing pipe size increases flow velocity at the reducers, which increases wear rate due to abrasive transport media.
Looking for larger sizes, different angles, or additional fabrications? Contact us about our custom solutions.

superior Quality from Our Proprietary heat-Treating process

All Ultra 600 products undergo our proprietary heat-treating process, producing the most wear resistant custom pipe bends and fittings. During this process, we certify the steel chemistry, hardness profile, and lengths of the bends and fittings. Additionally, the bends and fittings are traceable to identify the date of processing, process settings, and hardness. Finally, all data is recorded and filed for reference with all components 100% inspected for dimensional, fabrication, and metallurgical compliance.

Custom pipe bending and fabrication services

Ultra Tech's induction bending service offers an efficient method for bends and fittings of larger diameter pipes.

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