Ultra Tech is a leader in global design, manufacturing and distribution.

A global leader in design

Since its inception in 1989, Ultra Tech has been a global leader in the design, manufacture, distribution and service of safe, quality abrasion resistant piping systems and accessories. Headquartered in Port Washington, Wisconsin, USA, the company offers complete piping products and solutions for both standard and specialized high-abrasion applications, such as mining, coal fired power generation, pneumatic conveyance, foundries, steel mills and a variety of other applications. Since that time, Ultra Tech has helped customers solve thousands of abrasive wear challenges.

With many years of experience, Ultra Tech has a long history of proven technological experience and product development to draw upon. Customers receive high-quality application engineering and manufacturing expertise with worldwide support, making Ultra Tech a market leader in demanding piping applications.

Peace of mind quality and support

Ultra Tech’s abrasion-resistant piping systems are manufactured to meet specific applications for operations moving highly abrasive materials, making Ultra Tech your complete source for even the most challenging application solutions, including mining, product conveyance, fossil fuel power plants, mills and foundaries.

Every Ultra Tech piping system is backed by worldwide application experience, qualified application engineers, innovative product engineering and global product support. Ultra Tech’s engineers can provide system analysis and will ‘mix-and-match’ a wide array of pipe and components, choices of materials and metallurgy, connection options and custom bending and fabrication. Ultra Tech products will lower your maintenance repair costs, lengthen replacement intervals and reduce total life-cycle costs. All products meet international standards for metallurgical and dimensional accuracy. Continuous logging of critical heat-treatment parameters ensures product lot traceability long after the product has been delivered and is in service.

In addition to the modern 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility and headquarters in Wisconsin, Ultra Tech support is available in South America, Europe and Asia.

Our dedication to Quality & Service

Ultra Tech is dedicated to product quality and service. Our continued growth wouldn’t be possible without the support and input of our trusted and faithful customers. Consistent growth isn’t just an excuse for party hats and champagne toasts, it’s about utilizing the resources from our dedicated customers to improve the products and services we provide.

Our commitment to our customers continues with several changes to our systems and processes. This focus will bring upgrades throughout our entire facility including the sales department, manufacturing, and inspection departments. Improving the environment for our talented technicians and employees will directly impact the efficiency of our already effective manufacturing systems, improving Supply Chain Management and ultimately getting our products delivered to our customers quickly and effectively.

We understand the effectiveness of our products is dependent upon the excellence of its manufactured capabilities. Our engineer's design systems and products that push the envelope in our industry, and it’s our goal to further raise the bar by fully maximizing our in-house testing lab that will put our products through rigorous examination and trials, ultimately making it possible to present our customers with new and improved products that we can not only stand behind but provide the lab statistics and analysis to prove it.

We thank our customers for their commitment. Our continued success wouldn’t be a reality without your support. We will continue to celebrate many more milestones and dedicate the resources and input you provide us to further improve our process, services and products.

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