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Ultra Tech’s valves increase safety, efficiency & productivity. Diversion Valves from Ultra Tech:

• Divert high-pressure slurry & heavy aggregate mixes with confidence and without major spillages

• Engineered to switch under pressures up to 3500psi

• Operate pneumatically or hydraulically

• Designed for smooth operation & lower maintenance

• Save thousands of $ by dramatically reducing service intervals & increase safety by limiting exposure hours

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Transcript: Ultra Tech Valves

Do you need to divert high pressure slurry with confidence and security without major spillages? That’s no problem with Ultra Tech Diversion Valves. Our robust valves require minimum maintenance and can handle switching under pressure to 3,500 PSI. Because the new diversion valve from Ultra Tech can operate pneumatically or hydraulically and includes options for proximity sensors,  you can know the position of the valve with confidence. Safe operation, less downtime, longer life. Ultra Tech diversion valves can save you thousands by dramatically reducing the time to execute line change-overs, and increasing safety by limiting exposure hours.

Current solutions struggle to close the valve due to intense pressures from 1,500 to 3,500 psi. Not so with Ultra Tech. The extending six-inch hydraulic rams close or open the valve. With hardened face seals in combination with Ultra Tech pipe, this is a winning combination. Let’s talk about pipe for a moment. Got abrasive slurry on the move? You need to toughen up your pipe. With Ultra Tech you get piping that’s formed from proprietary steel chemistry and specific induction hardening to give you increased tensile strength up to 90k. Allowing the pipe to wear down thinner at the higher pressures without bursting. It means your pipe remains ductile outside while hardened inside, allowing infield welding and cutting for fitment making installation easier. 

These valves operate smoothly, even with heavy aggregate and slurry mixes. Resulting in smooth operations and lower maintenance. Options include pipe diameters up to 8 inches with many standard or custom end styles. Ultra Tech pipe is deployed globally with installations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Ultra Tech Valves – longer life and less downtime mean saving your company money.