Customized sizing for all of your pipe connection needs.


Improving Processes. Reducing Costs.

In addition to the wide range of available standard end connection options, Ultra Tech can provide customized sizes and configurations to meet the requirements of your system. For snap coupling and two-bolt coupling options, consult factory.


Selections of the appropriate option, or combination of options, is dictated by maintenance considerations, performance expectations, life cycle, and other variables.


While end options can, in most cases, be installed in the field utilizing proper procedures, improved performance will result when factory fitted. Care must be taken to cool the inner surface of the pipe wall to prevent tempering, thus softening of the martensitic microstructure. Consideration must also be given to the end option bore. With induction hardening and the change in microstructure, the pipe actually increases in diameter. The pipe diameter and the end option bore must fit for integrity.

  • Standard-FlangeStandard Flanges-150#, 300# or 600#, single or double-drilled, raised face or flat, slip-on or butt-weld (butt welding not recommended for hardened pipe), fixed or rotating.
  • Rotating-Flange-NewRotating Flanges- Rotating collar over Fixed Hub; sizes 2-1/2″ to 24″; raised face and plate flanges.
  • Standard-Weld-RingStandard Weld Rings- Typical no face seal weld; Most common style; Butt weld field applied.
  • Self-Aligning-Wel-RingsSelf Aligning Weld Rings– Male/Female recess; Butt weld field applied.
  • HD Raised System- Fast installation time; Easy cleaning; Full wall thickness; 20 degree tapered faces aid installation; Face if required.
  • HD-High-Pressure-SystemHD High Pressure System- Field proven for sludge service; Male/Female interlocking design; Dual sealing: cavity gasket plus Quad seal; 20 degree tapered faces aid installation.
  • Victaulic-Systems Victaulic Systems- Fast installation time; Cavity gasket; Recessed Groove; Low working pressure.
  • Pipe Diameter 2-1/2″ to 24″ NPS (73.0 to 610mm) for Induction-Hardened pipe
  • Standard & Extra-Heavy Wall
  • For each welded attachment, the inner surface of the pipe is water-cooled to avoid tempering and loss of hardness
  • All attachments are square to the spool axis
  • Technical application support is available from factory
  • Custom design service are available
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