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Bending and Fabrication Services

At Ultra Tech, custom pipe and tube fabrication, including cutting, welding and painting, assure product quality from the source and help minimize field installation costs. Ultra Tech’s state-of-the-art equipment, including automated welders, produces accurate, consistent, high-quality welds.


Custom fabrications permit the designer to control the flow of material through the piping system to redirect it, blend or split it, or change its speed. Selection of the appropriate fitting and configuration are dictated by permissible pressure drop and energy loss, flow rates, flow make-up and other variables.

  • Bend-Breakdown-(1)Bends- custom bending capabilities to tailor changes of direction to meet system requirements while reducing flow restrictions and energy loss. Large radius sweeps reduce the deterioration effects of abrasive transport materials.
  • Laterals, Tees and Wyes- designed to split or bend flow streams, these custom fabrications are made using Ultra 600™ pipe to provide superior abrasion resistance. 
  • Reducers- flow velocity increases at reducers, increasing wear rate due to abrasive transport media. Ultra 600™ reducers are hardened to the same level as Ultra 600™ pipe and bends to provide superior abrasion resistance.
  • System Solutions – Every Ultra Tech piping system is backed by 30 years of worldwide application experience, experienced application engineers, innovative product engineering and global product support.
  • State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Equipment – including induction heat treating & quench system, automated material handling system and automatic welding equipment.
  • Engineering Support – We provide system analysis and cost-effective solutions to your application needs.
  • Product Selection – Ultra Tech offers a wide array of standard components, choices of materials and metallurgy, connection options and custom fabrications.
  • Life Cycle Cost Savings – Ultra Tech products will lower your maintenance repair costs, lengthen replacement intervals and reduce total costs over the life of the system.
  • Total Quality Assurance – All Ultra Tech products meet international standards for metallurgical and dimensional accuracy. Our total quality system and process controls assure that Ultra Tech products are designed and manufactured to meet your precise requirements.
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