Partnership in Problem Solving

Excessive system wear, frequent replacement, downtime and lost productivity are the concerns of highly abrasive material transport. Let Ultra Tech help you alleviate these damaging conditions to your bottom line.


Whatever concerns you most, chances are that we can jointly find the solution. Not just any solution, but the solution best tailored to your particular applications, and their attendant problems.


Knowing there is usually no single “best” answer, cost-effective solutions involve the transport medium, the required speed for suspension, system pressure, maintenance and lost production costs. Combine your knowledge of your system with our teams combined 100 plus years of piping industry experience and together we can analyze and identify root causes to find the solution that meets your needs. The partnership of our collective skills assures the best outcome for you.


Ultra Tech designs, engineers, catalogs and manufactures a full range of abrasion resistant piping components, all of which can be “mixed & matched”  to provide an effective system solution, customized to meet your particular challenges.


Aggressive R&D, advanced metallurgy, innovative designs, all combine to solve problems with stronger, longer wearing systems.


We’ll provide you with an effective solution from an economic and technological standpoint.

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