Twin Wall Pipe

Providing a hard wear surface available in various liner thicknesses

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Improving Processes. Reducing Costs.

Twin Wall Piping Systems utilize two steel tubes in the double wall construction that has a hardened inner liner for abrasion resistance and a high tensile strength outer tube.

During Twin Wall Pipe production a high carbon steel tube is inserted into a mild steel tube.  Once molded together, and heat treated, they mechanically size to ensure outer and inner tube tightness, ultimately creating a through-hardened, wear-resistant liner

Key Applications

Twin-Wall applications include pneumatic and hydraulic piping systems for extremely abrasive materials such as concrete, paste fill, sand, gravel and mine tailings.



  • An inner liner hardened to at least 600 Brinell throughout the inner pipe wall
  • A low-carbon outer shell to absorb impact and contain pressure
  • Abrasion resistant at temperatures up to 450° F
  • Multiple end options available, including flanges, couplings, ends, weld rings or plain ends
  • No heat affected zone
  • Easy installation with weight similar to mild steel pipe of equivalent thickness
  • Superior quality compared to gas flame hardening