Hose & Shotcrete

Flexibility in Piping Systems with where Piping Systems need to be flexible

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UltraFlex Hose

Many applications experience high vibration, flow surges and periodic shock. UltraFlex Hose is an ideal solution to combine wear resistance, layout flexibility and isolation in both hydraulic and pneumatic piping systems.

Ultra Tech abrasion resistant hose is designed to withstand heavy compressive loads and vacuums.  It is available in two styles with lengths up to 50’ (15.24m).


Key Applications

  •  Low installation costs with hose flexibility and adaptation to curves without prior forming and accommodating joints between unaligned rigid pipes.
  •  Ease of installation and maintenance continues with lightweight construction, simple coupling systems and long hose lengths.
  •  Reduced maintenance costs with outstanding vibration attenuation, deadening of hammering and reuse of couplings/flanges.



Shotcrete Nozzles

Durable Ultra Tech Shotcrete nozzles are lightweight for ease of operation. All nozzles incorporate a rotating air inlet for a more even wear and long life. Nozzles and replacement tips are available in a variety of types and sizes for 1-1//4″ to 3″. (DN23- DN80)