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IMEX-2014 Make plans to stop by booth #436 and talk to Ultra Tech about all your abrasion resistance pipe needs. Visit the IMEX 2014 website to learn more about the show and map out all the booths you want to visit.

Make Ultra Tech Pipe one of your first stops. Check back for more information and updates on what we will be bringing to the show. For now, take a glance at the current Show schedule:

DAY ONE: Tuesday, September 23, 2014
8:30 – 10:00AM KEYNOTE
10:15 – 11:15AM MINERAL PROCESSING Driving Process Innovation Through Enabled Technology Innovations” by Dave Robinson, Ph D., Leader, Advanced Processing Technologies, Minerals Down Under National Research Flagship, Australia
Investigating Filtration of Tailings and Dry Stacking – Developments and Research Review Points” by Bert J. Huls, Project Director, Goldcorp USA
SURFACE MINING “Surface Mining Operational Efficiency: Future Considerations and Improvement Strategies: Improving Efficiency as well as Improving Productivity” by Gede Ngurah Ambara, Business Improvement Manager, Prima Coal, Indonesia
 “Gearless Drive Systems for Overland Conveyors: Case study: Glencore’s Antapaccay Mine in Peru” by Peter Sehl, Deputy General Manager, ThyssenKrupp Robins Inc.
MINE HAULAGE “Assessing the Key Challenges in Mining Skills Improvement” by Geoff Woodcroft, Vice President, Human Resources, Peabody Energy, Australia
“Investigating Global Optimization and Development in Haulage and Loading Automation”by Professor Ross McAree, Vice President, CRC Mining, Australia
UNDERGROUND MINING “Underground Mining: Global Investigation of Research and Development”, by Dave Robinson, Ph D., Theme Leader: Advanced Processing Technologies, Minerals Down Under National Research Flagship, the Commonwelath Scientific and Industrial Research Organization and Nick Cutmore, Ph D., Site Manager, Lucas Heights Mine and Theme Leader, Intelligent Mining and Online Analysis, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.
11:30AM – 12:30PM MINERAL PROCESSING “Fundamental Approaches and Their Role in Mineral Processing Advances – Current Status and Future Opportunities” by Brij M. Moudgil, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Director of the Mineral Resources Research Center, University of Florida, Gainesville
“Enterprise Optimization for Design and Operation for Mineral Processing: Case Study” by Andrew Lewis,  Manager – Technology and Innovation at Citigold Corporation, Australia
SURFACE MINING “Hazard Management Across Surface Mining – Achieving Excellence in Open Cut Ground Control” by Niccolò Coli, Ph D., Regional Sales and Marketing Manager, Mining Business Unit, IDS S.p.A.
“Evaluating Arc Flash Compliance Implementation at Mining Facilities”, by David B.Durocher, Global Industry Manager, Mining & Minerals Processing, Eaton Corporation
MINE HAULAGE “Evaluating Fleet and Production Management Systems for Future Improvement” by Adam Gray, Mine Systems Head, Cliffs Natural Resources
“Reduce Upfront Capital Expenditure by Integrating and Optimizing Heavy Mobile Equipment Fleet Plans with Long Term Mine Plans” by Sarah Coleman, Owner/Director, Sandpit Innovation
UNDERGROUND MINING  “Investigating Towing and Winch Performance of High Performance Synthetic Ropes in the Mining Industry” by Isaac Rosenberg, Engineering Manager, Samson
“Improving Efficiency and Process Control with Variable Frequency Drives” by Ed Butte, Director of Mining, Magnetek
3:00 – 4:00PM MINERAL PROCESSING “Holistic Modelling of Mineral Processing Plants – A Practical Overview” by Stephen Gay, Ph D., Founder, Mathsnet, Australia
SURFACE MINING “Investigation of Innovative Autonomous, Real-time Terrain Mapping Techniques” by  Brett Browning, Ph D., Senior Systems Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute and National Robotics Engineering Center, Peter Rander, Ph D., Associate Director of Operations (ADO), NREC,Thomas Pilarski, Principal NREC Commercialization Special, RI, National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC), Alonzo Kelly, Associate Research Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
MINE HAULAGE “Skip – Conveying in Open-cast Mines – An Exploration of Current and Future Improvement”by Martin Lurie, PE, ThyssenKrupp Robins, Inc.
“Automating Haul Trucks for Mining and Quarrying: Technology and Economics” by Jeremy Brown, Ph D., President Jaybridge Robotics
UNDERGROUND MINING “Research Update: Robotics for Inspection and Mapping for Hardrock Underground Mining”, by Dimi Apostolopoulos, Ph D., The National Robotics Engineering Center at Carnegie Mellon University
“Advanced Proximity Detection Technologies for Underground Coal Mining Equipment” by Jacob L. Carr, Machine Safety Team Leader in the Office of Mine Safety and Health Research
4:15 – 5:15PM MINERAL PROCESSING “Transitioning Your Facility to Predictive Maintenance Through Technology” by David B. Durocher, Senior Member IEEE,  Global Industry Manager, Mining & Minerals Processing Eaton Corporation
“Preventing Spontaneous Combustion of Coal Through Chemical Application” by Rick Q. Honaker, Ph D., Chair and Professor of Mining Engineering Department at the University of Kentucky
SURFACE MINING “Quantifying the Benefits and Building the Business Case for a Broadband Wireless Network in an Open Pit Mine” by Bill Wright, Vice President, 3D-P
MINE HAULAGE “Digitally Controlled Water Distribution for Open Pit Mining” by Erin Motes, Business Development, Open Loop Energy
“Synthetic Oxygenating and Detergent Fuel Additives: Preventative Maintenance, Improved Efficiencies, Reduced Total Operating Costs” by Boris Dantus, Professor/Adjunct Professor in Physics, Michigan State University
UNDERGROUND MINING “Assessment of Emerging Technology for Enhanced Underground Clash Detection” by Steve Cairns, Product Specialist,  3D Laser Mapping
 “Successful Improvement of Communication – New Tools and Strategies” by Bill Carrier, Vice President, IWT Wireless
DAY TWO: Wednesday, September 24, 2014
8:30 – 10:00AM KEYNOTE
10:15 – 11:15AM MINERAL PROCESSING “Implementation of Enterprise Optimization for Design and Operation” by Andrew Lewis,  Manager – Technology and Innovation at Citigold Corporation, Australia
“Revisiting Energy and Water-use Efficiency in Washing Processes & Capture/Dewatering of Granular Solids From Slurry” by Greg Smith, Manager of Mineral Processing Technologies, PHOENIX Process Equipment Co.
SURFACE MINING  “Improving Cost-efficiency on Drill and Blasting Optimization” by Gede Ngurah Ambara, Business Improvement Manager, Prima Coal, Indonesia
 “Preventing Conveyor Spillage, Mis-tracking, Maintenance, and Risk with Improved Loading Zones” by Greg Bierie, Global Manager, Martin Engineering
MINE HAULAGE “The Impact of Current and Emerging Technologies in Off- Highway Engine Lubrication”, by Joe Galdes, Global Product Application Specialist, Shell Australia,
UNDERGROUND MINING “Contamination Control for Lubes and Fuels in Mining Equipment” by Augusto Fernandes Jorge Neto, CLS, CLGS, Product Application Specialist, Shell Technology, Brazil
“Mine Project Evaluation and Prefeasibility Programs – Computer Assisted Prefeasibility of a Mining Project: Case Study” by Kuldip Khunkhun, Independent Mining Consultant
11:30AM – 12:30PM MINERAL PROCESSING “Development of an Eco-efficient Mining Process” by Kristy-Ann Duffy, Process Engineer, Metso Minerals, Australia
“Examining Key Process Developments Across Production” by Carol Davis-Belmar, Senior Process Development Engineer, BHP Billiton, Chile
SURFACE MINING “Optimizing the Performance of Your Conveyor System” by  Rich Gilman, Heavy Duty Specialist, Flexco
“Investigating DEM Simulations in Dragline Bucket Improvement” by Michael Moehnke, Vice President of Engineering & Sales, VR Steel
MINE HAULAGE “Operations and Maintenance Workshop: Enhancing Safety and Productivity” by Jerad Hetizler, Product Specialist, FOUNDATIONS™ Instructor, Martin Engineering
3:00 – 4:00PM MINERAL PROCESSING “Case Study of Process Improvement” by Abhay Shankar Patra, Researcher, Tata Steel, India
“Cost-effective Pumping of Paste and Tailings at Maximum Solids Concentration,” by Rudolf Gänsl, Managing Director, FELUWA Pumpen GmbH
SURFACE MINING “Surface Mining Improvement Projects – Research and Development Outcomes”, Ross McAree, Vice President, CRC Mining, Australia
“Simplifying Asset Condition Reporting and Preventative Maintenance via Mobile Technology” by Max Tritremmel, Interplan Program Manager, International Paint
MINE HAULAGE “Innovations in Mine Design, Investigating Leading Functionality and Enhanced Design Improvement” by Richard Diaz, Engineer, Maptek
“Reliability – Investigating Improvements and Advancements – and the Financial Value” by Paulo R. Pereira, Director, Mining and Heavy Infrastructure, GATES
UNDERGROUND MINING “Case study: Exploring a Radical Mining Method Change in the Australian Brown Coal Industry” by David Medland, Medland Mining Australia
“Improving Face Ventilation System Design Using Industry Oriented CFD Code” by Todor Petrov and Andzej Wala, University of Kentucky School of Mining
4:15 – 5:15PM MINERAL PROCESSING “Advancement and Progress Investigation Into Fine Coal Cleaning” by Surendra Jain, President, Daniels WV
“Case Studies in Ore Tracking – Australia” by Kristy-Ann Duffy, Process Engineer, Metso Minerals, Australia
SURFACE MINING “Investigating Safety and Productivity Around Common Process Bottlenecks in the Mining Industry – Product Innovations and Research” by Aaron Carter, Director, Sand Pit Innovations, Australia
MINE HAULAGE “Maintaining The Future – Case Studies in Enhancing Operational Haulage Safety, Efficiency and Profitability” by Kristy Hedley, Global Market Development, Hedweld, Australia
UNDERGROUND MINING “Managing Risk and Improving Performance in Entry Development” by Gary Gibson, Project Coordinator, ACARP Roadway Development Improvement Project
DAY THREE: Thursday, September 25, 2014
9:00 – 10:00AM MINERAL PROCESSING “Investigation of a novel non thermal pneumatic dewatering drying technology,” B.K.Parekh, Sr. Engineer, FGX SepTech and Stephen Sewell, Flash Rockwell Technology
“Efficient Innovative and Economic Process for Dry Cleaning of Coal” by Dr. B.K.Parekh,  Sr. Engineer, FGX SepTech
SURFACE MINING “Driving Efficiency Throughout Open Pit Operations – Practical Insights and Strategies” by Adam Gray, Mine Systems Head, Cliffs Natural Resources, Australia
MINE HAULAGE “Investigating Dust Suppression Advancement in Open-Area Mining Applications: Case study: Linwood Mining” by Edwin Peterson, CEO, FELCOM
UNDERGROUND MINING “Overview of Emerging Key Technologies Which Look Set to Impact Optimization and Production Strategy in Underground Communication” by Bill Carrier, Vice President, IWT Wireless
“Investigating the Future of Practical Risk Management  – Implementing Successful Programs into the Mining Industry” by David Beerbower, Principal, KB Risk Services and Jim Knowles, Principal, KB Risk Services, LLC

*Subject to Change